Rory Captures 2nd PGA Major

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    Roarin' Rory! Cowerin' Tiger

    Rory obliterated the field this weekend and won by 5 or 6 strokes. AN unknown player finished second. Tiger Woods lived up to his new Jim Rome nickname - Baldric Woods with a miserable final two rounds after showing promise in the Thursday/Friday outings.

    Tiger is really turning into the world's most famous journeyman - Schmoger Woods with some brutal play on the course and on the greens. Phil Mickelson at least has a severe illness thats hampering his play. Whats your excuse Tiger? - Lack of trailer trash girls????

    Anyways, perhaps Rory's superb play can be attributed to a recent wife swap exchange between him and fellow PGA guy Adam Scott. Scott trades in Ana Ivanovic for Carolina Wozniaki and everyone is happy.

    Personally, can't have enough Ana, Carolina and Masha on TV....

    Imagine the progeny Tiger and Serena Williams could produce if Tiger could tolerate something like that.

    I'm sure Tiger has consulted Nasty Nate for an official Serena Williams nickname - and I'm even more sure Nate gave him two viable options

    1. Walby-arse

    2. Serena Squib-Breaker

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