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    Stamps play earns early praise


    There were plenty of things for John Hufnagel to wake up and be pleased about following his team’s Canadian Football League regular-season debut.

    The play of his defence, his quarterback and his running game all received glowing reviews following Sunday’s38-10 beat-down of the visiting Montreal Alouettes.

    “It was a good start,” said the Calgary Stampeders’ head coach and general manager on Monday at McMahon Stadium. “We did some good things. A lot of things we need to clean up. But, overall, it was a great team effort and a good starting point.”

    Sunday’s win was also bolstered significantly by the play of his veterans — specifically Drew Tate, middle linebacker Juwan Simpson, running back Jon Cornish and slotback Nik Lewis — who clearly came to play and it rubbed off on the rest of the team.

    A shining example was 21-year-old rookie safety Keenan MacDougall, who impressed early.

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    Stamps' rook one ups vet


    Keenan MacDougall was not even six minutes into his first CFL game when he was given a gift.

    Juwan Simpson popped the ball loose from Montreal Alouettes receiver Jamel Richardson’s mitts, and it bounced right to the Calgary Stampeders rookie safety.

    The endzone race was on, and suddenly the Stamps had a 10-0 lead.

    Simpson, a veteran of 50 CFL games, has never touched down in the endzone. The rookie doesn’t even get his feet wet and he’s scoring. Doesn’t seem fair, right?

    “Does pre-season count? No. Then I have no touchdowns. I’m not selfish,” Simpson said. “There are 12 guys out there working to get the job done.

    “I’m glad he scored. That’s a good way for him to start his career out in the CFL. I’m all about wins and it doesn’t matter how we get there.”

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    Hurtin' units


    Monday was a much-deserved day off for the Calgary Stampeders, and a couple of their offensive workhorses undoubtedly needed the rest.

    Fresh off a career-high dozen catches — good for 105 yards and a touchdown — in Sunday’s 38-10 blowout win over the Montreal Alouettes, star slotback Nik Lewis wrote on his Twitter page he “felt great yesterday and today feel like i was in a car crash.”

    Running back Jon Cornish, who had the busiest night of his professional career with 18 carries, was likely a hurtin’ unit, too. Cornish also logged on to Twitter, apologizing that he wasn’t around for post-game interviews after his two-touchdown effort.

    “But ya sorry to the CFL media, I was cold tub or bust for me after that game!” he wrote.

    Asked at Monday’s media availability to name a few guys who impressed him against the Als, Stamps head coach John Hufnagel singled out Cornish and Lewis, although he noted his go-to receiver needs to protect the pigskin.

    “Jon Cornish ran very hard and did a good job of reading the defence. It was tough sledding in the run game, but we did get over 100 yards rushing. I was pleased with that,” Hufnagel said. “And obviously, Nik being Nik.

    “He had a great game. We need to do some things better with Nik and he needs to keep improving.

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    And....that's all, folks! ;)

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    It'll be nice to Root for the stamps this week. Can't wait til saturday's game day thread.
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    "We need to do some things better with Nik and he needs to keep improving."

    Nik needs to keep improving? How much more can he do? He's a one-man wrecking crew out there every game.
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    The guy can play better. He could catch 20 passes for 400 yards & 8 touchdowns. Come on.
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    Ball security. It's always been a minor weakness of his. Not a major one, but I'm pretty sure that's what was being referenced.

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