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    Corndog shares credit for top Canadian


    Don’t get him wrong, Jon Cornish is honoured to be the top Canadian after his performance in the Canadian Football League’s opening weekend.

    However, he’s said it before and he’ll say it again: his odds are significantly higher considering he’s a Canadian starting at running back.

    And the season hasn’t even heated up yet.

    “It’s cool,” the Calgary Stampeder said Tuesday. “Anytime I can contribute to the offence in a meaningful way, I’m happy.

    “But I said it last year, if you have a Canadian in a starting position, especially a running back in this league . . . You saw (Jerome) Messam (the former Edmonton Eskimos running back) get it. (B.C.’s) Andrew Harris got it a few times last year. It’s bound to happen. We have a lot of good Canadian receivers in this league, too. Until people like (Henry) Burris gets the ball to (fellow Canadian Any) Fantuz or we get the ball to some of our Canadians . . .

    “It’s a nice little honour and stuff. But once we see more starting Canadians, I think it’ll be a bit more of a toss-up.”

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    Hammer time


    On the worst of days, it’s pretty hard to wipe the smile off Juwan Simpson’s face.

    But the 2011 Canadian Football League season challenged the middle linebacker’s good natured disposition early and often.

    A nagging knee sprain was the culprit.

    “Rough,” the 27-year-old fifth-year Stampeder said Tuesday, shaking his head. “Last year was rough. Even when I was on the field, it wasn’t the production I was accustomed to having. It was tough for me.”

    Tough, too, for the team which is accustomed to his very vocal — and emotional — leadership. He missed a stretch from July 30 to Sept. 9, missing five of six games because of the injury.

    Even when he returned, the lasting effects caused defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones to shift him from his preferred middle spot to an outside position with fewer responsibilities.

    So, needless to say, Simpson went hard to recover in the off-season, tuning up some of his smaller muscles by doing yoga.

    Now, the Alabama native really can’t stop smiling.

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    It's tough to hide


    Even trimmed down, Na’Shan Goddard is 315 pounds. So hiding is not a possibility.

    At any rate, he knew it was unavoidable. He knew it was coming — and it did.

    During Calgary Stampeders practice Tuesday, Goddard was tracked down by offensive-line coach Mike Gibson and big boss John Hufnagel. In separate scoldings, they told the likable brute they never want to see a repeat of Sunday’s last-minute shenanigans.

    Goddard, on his team’s final offensive sequence, had been slapped with 25 yards’ worth of penalties — unnecessary roughness and objectionable conduct.

    All in all, not a good scene.

    Especially in one’s Canadian Football League debut.

    Meaning Goddard realized he’d be hearing about it (even if the Stamps did handle the visiting Montreal Alouettes with the greatest of ease, 38-10, that evening).

    “Message taken — never going to do that again,” said Goddard. “It was one of those things — we were winning, I was excited, I was happy, we thought we’d scored again, and I got over-aggressive.

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    Maybe they should just call it the Jon Cornish Award.

    Half of the time, anyway.

    For the fourth time in the last eight regular-season games dating back to last season, the Calgary Stampeders running back was honoured as the CFL’s Canadian player of the week.

    “I wonder if I can get disqualified from it at some point,” Cornish quipped after racking up 86 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the Red & White’s season-opening 38-10 demolition of the Montreal Alouettes Sunday at McMahon Stadium.

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    Here's my feeling on N'ashawn Goddard. Edwin Harrison is always hurt. Seems to be out for extended periods. The newbie comes in, plays well & now may sit out? Why??? Play Goddard if he did a good job. Sitting him to play a veteran who can't stay in the lineup to me doesn't make sense. Okay, so he took a couple of late penalties. He says he learned his lesson. But seriously, the same guys are always out of the lineup. Bryant, Harrison & Arthur. How can you have continuity if they don't play? I think it is time to get them out permanently if they can't stay healthy.

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