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    Stamps saving Fourth of July fireworks for Argos


    No fireworks. No platters of barbecue, no bowls of coleslaw. No coolers brimming with ice and whatnot.

    There is, in fact, not a single hint to indicate it is the Fourth of July.

    For American members of the Calgary Stampeders, it is simply a windy morning of chasing footballs around McMahon Stadium.

    “I don’t want to sound rude, but I think it’s just another day,” Bo Levi Mitchell, the pride of Katy, Texas, is saying after Wednesday’s workout. “You’re coming out here to work. You’re not thinking of holidays."

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    Jones' exit gives game extra gritty edge


    The emotional aspect of Saturday’s game was dealt with long ago.

    On the late November night when defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones shocked the Calgary Stampeders by informing them he was pulling up stakes to accept basically the same position with the Toronto Argonauts, where he’d join his longtime friends new head coach Scott Milanovich and general manager Jim Barker, breaking the news to his family might have been even tougher than breaking it to his former boss John Hufnagel.

    “My little girls (daughters Jackson and Austin) were heartbroken,” said Jones after an Argos practice Wednesday. “That was one of the toughest things, telling them that night that we were leaving and going to Toronto. They cried until 1 o’clock in the morning. We had some really good times there, won a Grey Cup there and have some really great memories. The girls learned to snowboard, I attempted to learn to snowboard. There’s a lot of things that we’re taking from Calgary that I’ll always remember.

    “Now, it’s the next chapter.”

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    Ex-Esks meet: Ricky vs. Rick


    The feeling? Not significantly less stressful than sitting across a poker table from Daniel Negreanu, brown chips stacked high on the soft, green felt, and being all in.

    “Well, I wouldn’t say ‘fun’,’’ muses Rick Campbell. “That’s not the term I’d use, exactly. Setting up a game plan to try to muzzle Ricky Ray . . .

    “How would I describe it?

    “Exciting. Yeah, that.

    “Challenging. For sure.

    “Dangerous, too. But ‘fun?’ No, that’s not the word comes immediately to mind.’’

    Ricky vs. Rick.

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    Cornish at ease subbing for coach


    With Calgary Stampeders running backs boss Brent Monson under the weather and ducking out of Wednesday’s practice, someone had to pick up the slack.

    So, naturally, the responsibility fell in the capable hands of Jon Cornish.

    Having gone through the paces plenty of times in his six years as a Stampeder, the 27-year-old took the reins and, along with help from head coach and general manager John Hufnagel who also stepped in, the daily routine was orchestrated.

    “I felt I had to step up a little bit as the coach today,” Cornish said, smiling like a kid who just received a gold star for completing his homework. “I came out early, laid out all the drills. Got all the balls ready and the cones and stuff. I mean, it felt pretty good.”

    Good enough for a career change?

    “It almost felt like something I could consider,’’ Cornish deadpanned.

    He paused.

    “But maybe a million years in the future.”

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    Stamps ready to face 'mayhem'


    For four years, Calgary Stampeders right guard Dimitri Tsoumpas practised against the Chris Jones-led defence.

    Suffice to say, he has a clue or two about what to expect when the Stamps visit the Rogers Centre to take on Jones’s new team, the Toronto Argonauts.

    “Mayhem,” said Tsoumpas with a grin. “Madness. He’s going to throw a lot of different stuff at us and you just have to be prepared for anything. Luckily, I’ve been around for a few years now and I’d like to say I’ve seen a lot of things. But I haven’t seen ’em all. Who knows? Maybe I’ll see something new.”

    That’s always a possibility with a Jones defence; he loves trying to confuse offences with different looks and stunts at the line of scrimmage. It wasn’t uncommon, for instance, to see lumbering Stampeder defensive tackle (and now defensive line coach) DeVone Claybrooks drop back into pass coverage occasionally.

    “A lot of movements and a lot of different kinds of looks,” said Stamps quarterback Drew Tate. “He’ll rush three, he’ll rush seven, he’ll rush six with guys coming from all over the place.”

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    Happy trails, Stampeders!


    CALGARY - It’s one long road-trip.

    They’re looking at it as two short weeks.

    After Thursday’s practice at McMahon Stadium, the Calgary Stampeders will board a flight to Hogtown to prepare for Saturday’s showdown with the Toronto Argonauts, the second of three contests in a gruelling dozen-day stretch.

    “I’m not a real fan of it,” Stamps head coach John Hufnagel admitted earlier this week. “To start the season off with three games in 12 days isn’t something I would petition for, but we’re going to make the best of it.”

    The local football heroes are always on the road during Stampede week, but it’s rare to hit the field twice without returning to Cowtown.

    The Stamps opened the campaign with Sunday’s 38-10 thumping of the Montreal Alouettes at McMahon Stadium, leaving less time than usual to prepare for Saturday’s matinee against the Argos at Rogers Centre (1 p.m., TSN, QR77).

    There’s an even quicker turnaround before their rematch with the Alouettes at Molson Percival Stadium next Thursday, the final itinerary item on what will be a marathon nine-day trip.

    For a few days in between, they’ll become the kings of Queen’s, setting up camp for a couple practices at the university in Kingston.

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    Safety in numbers


    It might not show up on the stats sheet, but Keenan MacDougall wasn’t the only Calgary Stampeders safety to scoop up a loose ball in Sunday’s season-opening blowout of the Montreal Alouettes.

    Starter Eric Fraser was sidelined with a concussion and had a front-row seat as his rookie replacement returned a fumble for a 63-yard touchdown.

    “I had to go get the ball for him,” said Fraser, shaking his head in mock disgust. “He dropped it in the endzone, so I made sure he got that souvenir for his mom or his dad or whoever. Obviously, it’s one of those things that doesn’t happen too often. I’ve been here for two years — 38 games — and I haven’t gotten one yet. It’s good for him. Hopefully, he keeps getting bounces like that.”

    Despite earning a spot on the highlight-reel in his first professional appearance, MacDougall will be spending a bit more time on the sidelines.

    Fraser, 23, returned to the practice field earlier this week and will be in his familiar spot for Saturday’s matinee against the Toronto Argonauts at Rogers Centre (1 p.m., TSN, QR77). MacDougall will see spot duty and contribute on special-teams, but all indications are it will be awhile before his next CFL start.

    Fraser didn’t miss a single practice session in his first two campaigns with the Stamps, an ironman streak that ended during training camp due to a sore back. His absence against the Alouettes was the first regular-season outing he has skipped since his post-secondary days at Central Michigan.

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    D is for dominance


    Keon Raymond knows a thing or two about being opportunistic.

    The Calgary Stampeders defensive back led the club with five interceptions in 2011, taking two picks to the house.

    So he was happy to see his teammates get in on the fun Sunday as the Stamps came up with a pair of interceptions and a fumble recovery that rookie safety Keenan MacDougall took 63 yards to paydirt.

    “I think guys are ready to make a play,” Raymond said.

    “Even though it’s the start of the season, when you start off like this, I can’t wait (to get back out there).

    “It’s like it’s going to be Christmas for everybody.”

    It’s a lot easier to tinker with something that works, as opposed to tearing up a system that doesn’t work and starting over.

    Raymond said his defence made a statement on Canada Day.

    “I think it was extremely important for us to establish that dominance early,” Raymond said.

    “And also that confidence.

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    And that's a wrap...;)

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    coach ztella.
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    Huff says it's not about the coaches but the players? After the blowup he had with Jones, like hell!!! ;)

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