Roundup for June 5th

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    Transition no sweat for Claybrooks ... claybrooks

    Stamps' hoggie is hurting ... is-hurting

    Offensive lineman rings in new year ... n-new-year

    Simpson, Lobendahn in fierce linebacker battle ... story.html

    Stamps’ other Lone Star QB looking good ... story.html

    Deadly Taylor seeks greater consistency ... story.html

    Confidence propels Wilson ... story.html

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    Not good news about Jon Gott. If the underlying cause of his symptoms is a concussion that's two years in a row this has happened in camp. Now as we've learned from what happened with Crosby this year, other things can cause similar symptoms making a definitive diagnosis problematic at times. Hopefully he's okay and can make a push for the starting center position. More than anything, hopefully he's okay for his own physical and mental well being.

    It'll be an interesting battle at linebacker in this year's camp. I know Juwan Simpson is hoping to return to his 2010 form, and I hop he does too, but I personally hope that a few players emerge on the defensive line so that Robert McCune can slide back into the linebacking corps on a permanent basis. Ideally I'd like to see a unit with McCune at middle linebacker with Simpson on the weak side and Demitrice Morley at SAM. I don't think Simpson was ever the dominating linebacker his Defensive MOP nomination would lead you to believe. He's never been a tackling machine but I think McCune can be. Unless Malik Jackson rebounds he'll be in tough to keep his position at Will, which is why I think Simpson just might end up there.
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    Gott didn't have air in his helmet when he got hurt last year? How can that happen to a player?? They have to be responsible for their actions, too. The helmet doesn't fit the same without air so how could Gott have not known?

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