Roundup for September 25th

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    Contrite Cornish regrets full moon in Regina

    Glenn’s status still up in the air after Sunday injury

    Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish apologizes for mooning Roughriders fans

    CFL's Calgary Stampeders Jon Cornish hasn't paid the price for mooning incident

    CFL Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish has been punished enough for mooning incident

    CFL's Calgary Stampeders' Kevin Glenn OK, LaMarcus Coker not OK

    CFL fines Stampeders RB Jon Cornish

    He Did What? - VIDEO

    Lack of Judgement - VIDEO

  2. Tundra Mustang

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    Suspend Cornish for an ill-conceived and essentially harmless transgression?

    Sportak's an absolute assclown for even venturing the suggestion.

    This is a league that won't suspend players for ending the careers of other players.

    But he thinks mooning a raucous and raunchy crowd in Regina merits a punishment which was not even ultimately meted out to "Jose Jimenez" for breaking Anthony Gargiulo's leg and sending a Stampeders' DT to a permanent sideline seat?

    Gimme a break! :mad:

    Corndog let the Saskatchewan crowd get under his skin, so he showed 'em a little more of it...;)

    He's been punished.

    He's contrite.

    Leave it there.

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    I agree. and not just cuz it's your birthday :D

    Nicholls has taken first reps with the shmoes today. More hay for the horses.
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    Not that I think it will happen, but Mitchell vs. Nichols would make for some interesting story lines considering they hail from the same college (Mitchell breaking virtually all of Nichols school records).

    One thing I don't understand... how can Glenn have a headache for days after a massive blow that knocked him out of last game, and it isn't a concussion?????? Playing him next game seems like an awfully big risk in my opinion. We're talking about the guy's health and future well being. Look at how long "second impact syndrome" kept Sidney Crosby out. Should Glenn really be risking a second impact so soon after the first? Crosby wasn't diagnosed with a concussion after the first hit either, so I think these diagnoses are far less cut and dry than we'd like to think. There seems to be a lot of grey area when it comes to grey matter.
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    A suspension is harsh. Not warranted. Sportak & Jock Wilson are way off base. They want him suspended. I agree with TM. Jason Jiminez ended Anthony Gargulio's career with an illegal chop block downfield & he got absolutely nothing. To me, that is more obscene than what Cornish did. He is being punished enough by having to pay fines & apologize. He's doing his pennance. Time to accept his apology & move on.

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