Scrap Used As Teaching Tool As Stamps Aim To Become More Disciplined

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    Scrap used as teaching tool as Stamps aim to become more disciplined
    Rookie receiver Brandon Kinnie came up swinging at Keon Raymond last Friday
    Vicki Hall,

    A stern John Hufnagel conducted a lengthy sermon at the conclusion of Day 6 at Calgary Stampeder training camp.

    At issue: the first scrap of camp involving rookie receiver Brandon Kinnie and the most unlikely of combatants — soft-spoken linebacker Keon Raymond.

    For the record, Kinnie was the one to come up swinging after taking exception to Raymond’s coverage style on a passing drill.

    For the record, Kinnie earned an early shower for his part in the squabble.

    “There was a confrontation,” Hufnagel, the head coach and general manager, was saying after he addressed his charges on the matter. “Something happened. We’re not quite sure. I didn’t see the whole thing, whose space got interrupted. But it’s funny . . .”

    Funny, because Hufnagel talked to the group about discipline on Friday night. In fact, to make his point, he showed a video clip of a player taking a swing at an opponent during a game, and the officials promptly marching the offender to the locker-room for rough play.

    “That’s why I had my little chat with them,” Hufnagel said. “If you swing, you’re out.”
    Kinnie swung, and he was out.

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