News Sheets out for next game/ So's Lulay (for two)

Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Tundra Mustang, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Two leading offensive players (one for each team) will miss this weekend's clash between Saskatchewan and the Lions:

    Sheets out

    REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders will be without arguably their most valuable offensive weapon on Sunday, as tailback Kory Sheets will be out of the lineup with a right knee sprain.
    The mid-season favourite for Most Outstanding Player sustained the injury during the first quarter of last week's loss to the Toronto Argonauts after absorbing a hit from linebacker Marcus Ball.

    Sheets was helped off the field and did not return.
    His absence opens the door for either Jock Sanders or Chris Garrett to take over next to Darian Durant in Saskatchewan's backfield.

    Lulay lost

    VANCOUVER -- B.C. Lions quarterback Travis Lulay will miss two starts due to a shoulder injury.

    The Lions made the announcement Tuesday, two days after Lulay was injured while running for a touchdown in a 36-14 home win over the Montreal Alouettes.

    "We're disappointed but we know he'll be back,'' Lions head coach Mike Benevides said.

    The Lions said that Lulay, the CFL's 2011 outstanding player, will be re-evaluated following B.C.'s game in Winnipeg on Sept. 27.

    "I'm not helping the team if I can't play so I want to bet back as soon as possible,'' Lulay said. "I don't regret trying to score on the play, it's just an unfortunate result.''

    Those injuries should serve to level the playing field for both sides, I'd expect...;)

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    I suspect Riders get the upper hand here with Durant being much better than DeMarco or Pierce at QB.

    BC's running attack won't be that much stronger than Riders, as they Riders probably will key on the run, and make DeMarco beat them with his arm. Don't think that's going to work for BC. The Riders escaped with their lives when Lulay got hurt , when he shouldn't have even been in the game. If Lions lose next two weeks, they have no one to blame except Benevides. With his thin strength at QB, he should have had Lulay out of the game when he got hurt. He did different. May cost Wally and Co a playoff gate.
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    TM good assessment it sort of make s me chuckle to see sports writers make a big deal of injuries to other teams but not a wimper with our situation. I am still wondering if Durant will play with his hand. And if he does it seems he has become sack shy! I would not discount DeMarco to much he has shown flashes of being a good QB. Also the Rider defense has shown they are having a tough time with short passes and runs. And the Lion defense is no slouch as well. The riders over the last little while have exposed weaknesses and one is that they go deep lots and now teams are ready for that deep pass. Oh yes they get them by the defense if they screw up but it is much easier to cover long passes as the opposing QB is getting hammered to the ground. I think the Lions will go after a ground game and short passes with the odd throw down field. But I truly believe the Lions have a slight edge in this game. With Durant's ailing finger on his throwing hand you just might see Willy in there. I believe this is going to be a BC win.

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