Stampeders Quarterback Pecking Order Set . . . For Now

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    Stampeders quarterback pecking order set . . . for now
    CFL team will roll with Drew Tate at the helm, but they won’t hesitate to change it up if things aren’t working
    George Johnson,

    The last, lingering competitive image we have of him is helmetless, arms thrust ecstatically in the air, trying like everyone else still in the stadium to wrap his head around the utter unbeliveablity of the 68-yard touchdown pass he’d just unleashed to Romby Bryant with 22 seconds left that cut the knees out from under the Saskatchewan Roughriders on a frostbitten semifinal November Sunday.

    Drew Tate, of course, missed the subsequent West final at BC Place and the Grey Cup game in Toronto because of fracture in his right arm sustained during that game on Nov. 11th.

    “Getting opportunity to play against somebody else, it’s up there, high, on my list of do-to things,” said Tate, following the Calgary Stampeders’ 10 a.m. walk-through Thursday. “Live. Against somebody else’s guys, not ours. Hitting, for real. Can’t wait. Honestly, though, it doesn’t seem that long ago, that Saskatchewan game. The off-season’s gone fast. Real fast.

    “I’m stoked. I want to see the field good. I want to see my reads. I want to be sharp. I want to be quick. And if we’re hot I want to be on the money.

    “As far as how long I play, it’s not how many plays I get, it’s what I do with the ones I’m given. Whether that’s 10 plays or 100. That’s how I’m going in looking at it.”
    Nothing, it’s oft said, is carved in stone.

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