Stamps’ Glenn ready to compete for starting gig

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    Stamps’ Glenn ready to compete for starting gig
    Veteran quarterback still feels he can be No. 1 guy

    On his way back east, 48 hours after the shimmering gossamer storyline had turned to ash, Kevin Glenn wasn’t shy about laying his ambitions bare.

    “I would be lying if I didn’t say that I think that I’m a starting quarterback in this league,” the 33-year-old admitted, as the Calgary Stampeders cleaned up and cleared out of McMahon Stadium for another winter, left to ponder a comprehensive 35-22 Grey Cup come-uppance at Rogers Centre. “I think I am. If you’re a quarterback and you don’t think that, then something’s wrong.”

    The idea of returning, after all he’d done, how far he’d taken them, only to once again understudy Drew Tate was something he was still trying to wrap his head around.

    When asked how he’d feel if that were, indeed, the case, Glenn, an inordinately honest sort, could only shrug.

    “I don’t know if I can answer that question right now.’’
    Fast forward four and a half months:

    He’s still here. Still a Stampeder.

    And still in search of a No. 1 job that’s someone else’s to lose.

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    Right now, Drew Tate hasn't won anything in this league. He hasn't played a full season & appears to be the kind of player that may have ongoing injury concerns. Why wouldn't we want Glenn here for one more season to see if Tate is the qb of our future? As of this moment, I'm not convinced.

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