Stamps’ Morley Lives In The Moment

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    Stamps’ Morley lives in the moment, quickly purging the past: good and bad
    Linebacker’s 2011 debut was as good as it gets, but that’s history, along with his season-ending injury in 2012
    Scott Cruickshank,

    A reasonable enough starting point, Demetrice Morley is asked about his rookie campaign, that sensational summer with the Calgary Stampeders.

    Plenty to chew on, too.

    In his first-ever appearance, July 14, 2011, Morley forces a fumble that leads to the winning touchdown. He doesn’t stop there. The then-safety ends up pacing the team with four forced fumbles. His four sacks are the most by a Calgary defensive back since David Lee McCrary’s four in 1989. And? He earns the Stamps’ nomination for Canadian Football League’s most outstanding defensive player.

    Morley politely — but firmly — halts the history lesson.

    “Hey, that’s in the past now,” the 25-year-old is saying during a break at Stamps’ training camp at McMahon Stadium. “I can’t worry about what I did back then. I’ve got to worry about today and from here on out, you know. My motto is — what have you done for me lately? That’s just me.

    “I can’t worry about what I did in 2011. Those days are over with. This is a new season, new team, new players. I just have to get after it. I have to go out there and show the coaches and show my teammates that I’m willing to do whatever it takes.”

    The strict look-ahead mindset is understandable.

    Because who wants to dwell on, say, last year?

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