Stamps’ Rookie Revelation Jones Making It Tough For His Family To Remain Riders Fans

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    Stamps’ rookie revelation Jones making it tough for his family to remain Riders fans
    Regina native last sold 50-50 tickets at Mosaic Stadium, but his season-ticket holder father may have to don a Stamps jersey now
    Vicki Hall,

    Every weekday at precisely 10 a.m., Rob Jones takes a break from dispensing prescriptions to catch up with his buddies over coffee in the booming oil community of Weyburn, Sask.

    Like at most Saskatchewan establishments, the subject of conversation at the Captain’s Table invariably turns to football and all matters related to the beloved Roughriders.

    How will Darian Durant fare at the controls this season? Will Geroy Simon live up to the Superman nickname in green? Can Ricky Foley and John Chick inflict grave physical punishment on opposing quarterbacks?

    This week, however, the enemy Calgary Stampeders keep weaving their way into the conversation.

    A change in allegiance is afoot.

    “It’s an adjustment,” concedes Jones, a longtime Roughrider season-ticket holder considering wearing red tonight when the Stampeders visit Mosaic Stadium in Canadian Football League exhibition action. “That horse in Calgary always used to bother me. When it used to run around the sidelines after a Calgary touchdown, that used to bother me.

    “But I’m coming to grips with that.”

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    I'll bet he wears a red Stamps shirt but underneath he'll always wear green. And I get that, I surely do.
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    Well when your son is playing for another team there really is no other choice is there!

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