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    Some good Stampeders coverage tonight, (Wednesday May 30), on QR77 Sportstalk.

    Nik Lewis @ 7:05pm

    ST co-ordinator Mark Kilam @ 8:05pm

    Join Mark Stephen and the gang for what is sure to be some good info tonight.

    Live streaming:
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    Nik Lewis recap:

    - Bulked up, in great shape and leaned out
    - 240lbs....yes, 240lbs!! :exclamation:
    - Legs are much bigger than the other receivers, which adds 25+ lbs compared to the others
    - Cope said to stay at this weight
    - Will definitely coach after playing
    - Are kickers athletes yet? :p
    - New Aussie punter has some good size and Nik thought he was a receiver
    - Not worried about no contract, can be cut at any point in the season
    - Confident in the organization that they will step up when he puts the numbers up
    - Wants to stay here, but understands it's a business
    - 99.9% confident he'll be a Stampeder for the rest of his career, and that has always been his goal
    - In a different mindset last year
    - Better attitude towards the game and life now
    - Feels he can have a 1500 yard season this year
    - Always tries to re-invent himself
    - Matured a lot since he first got here
    - Come to Lounge Burger Friday night - 10:00pm and hang out with Nik and a bunch of other players
    - Joff staying in shape, ready to go
    - Truly believes Joff has 2-3 years left
    - Least turnover out of any team in the league, (in reply to nutty caller who said the team wasn't making the playoffs and some other nonsense)
    - Likes Mo Price
    - Will help the rookies, but believes he will be better and does not expect a spot to be handed to him and he will take it
    - Will not play and be average, rather retire
    - Defense will be flying around
    - Front 7 will be able to pass rush and stop the run
    - Tate demands respect
    - Tate has a lot of fun playing and Nik thinks his freshness is good for the team
    - Goal is to win...that's it, doesn't like to set personal goals other than be better than last year
    - Dislikes 2 a days
    - Likes competing
    - Can't support T.O. anymore
    - Wishes Calgary would sell out no matter what team comes to town
    - Need to bring it more at home this year
    - Thinks very highly of Kevin Glenn
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    Hope he has a great season. Two hundred & fourty pounds, eh? Impressive. Interesting TO comment. Guy didn't care or have time for sick kids in Phoenix. Sad.

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