Stamps Playing The Ratio Game Along O-line

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    Stephen: Stamps playing the ratio game along o-line
    Mark Stephen,

    The talent, it appears, is there for the Calgary Stampeders on their offensive line. But after that, the questions are many.

    Does the team play two imports or four non-imports on the line? Or do they have the talent to play all Canadians on the line?

    While they have a number of returning veterans, they also have very promising rookies draft Billy Peach and Brett Jones. Room needs to be found for them. How far along is NFL veteran but CFL rookie Canadian Dan Federkeil?

    All of these questions confront the Stamps as they prepare for their pre-season opener against the B. C. Lions.
    Sorting out the issues along the lines belongs to John Hufnagel and veteran line coach Mike Gibson.

    “We’re a work in progress,” said Gibson, “We come out here every day just trying to get better. We’ve improved every day since day one and that’s what we’re looking to do.”

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    How has Billy Peach looking at camp? He's a great kid to interview and I hope he turns this into a long career.

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