Stamps Rookies Stick To Their Routines To Deal With Anxiety Ahead Of Cfl Debuts

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    Stamps rookies stick to their routines to deal with anxiety ahead of CFL debuts
    Friday’s preseason game against B.C. marks special moment for first-time pros
    Scott Cruickshank,

    Ankles taped up, pads pulled on. Shoes knotted, helmets snapped tight. It’s just another night of football, and the routine is well-established.

    For contestants, even the lead-up rarely varies.

    Ben D’Aguilar, as he snacks the hours away, will roll through his selection of Street Fighter videos — “inspirational movies, fighting movies, all that fancy stuff.” Charlie Power will stretch in the morning, kicking off a daylong warm-up regimen. Brett Jones will make sure he’s at the stadium early, like really early.

    And Adam Berger, well . . . .

    “I just listen to music, get ready, take my pre-game pee, and get out there.”

    Football is football, the same game they’ve played since they were wee laddies.

    But for the aforementioned newcomers, the Calgary Stampeders’ pre-season clash Friday with the visiting B.C. Lions represents something eye-openingly new.

    A scrapbook moment for all.

    And, to their credit, the young men don’t try to downplay the thrill of their Canadian Football League baptism.

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