News Stamps To Look a Lot Different in 2020

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    Hearing #RedBlacks are interviewing #Stamps ST coordinator Mark Kilam and QB coach @ryan_dinwiddie for their head coach position this week. Both will be very good head coaches in this league if given the opportunity. @CFLonTSN @TSN_Sports

    Rumours about this have been out there for a while. Stamps coaching staff could look a lot different next year.

    UPDATE: November 28, 2019---Rob Maver retires.
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    Things go a bit upside/sideways with word today Esks fired Jason "Hothead" Maas. Think the Edmonton job is a lock for Rick "Porky" Campbell, the Campbell name invokes CFL royalty - even though Papa Gluey Huey was a 5.2/40 Wide Receiver who caught everything Little General ever threw to him - son Porky is about as athletic as one of those 5'11", 330 lb. Sask'n RR beat writers.

    Maas may take a year off, awaiting dispatch to another CFL market as their head-coach-in-waiting, perhaps even The Maritimes Project.

    So the head coaching carousel goes about like this:

    Khari Jones - re-upped in Montreal
    Champ Chamblin - up for another year in Fearville
    Ottawa - OPEN
    Hamilton - CLOSED
    Winnipeg - SEMI-CLOSED BUT COY (you never know what Blowshea is gonna do)
    Sask - CLOSED
    Calgary - CLOSED
    BC - OPEN

    If Campbell grabs the Edmonton job then its only BC & Ottawa up for grabs.

    Plop La Police will be #1 with a bullet for either Ott or BC - - - gotta give the guy big coin and 3 years+ guaranteed. BIG COIN for PLOP = $340k to $370k per year, guaranteed x 3 . . . Plop already chews up more than $210 - $230k as OC in Wpg.

    Other coach's available for stationing = Maas, Richie Hall, Mikey Benevides, Ryan Dinwiddie, Longhair Man from Calgary (Kilam, I believe)

    BC seems a better deal for someone like PLOP - an established superstar QB who appears to have at least a couple years left in the tank (Hatman Reilly) while Ottawa is a wasteland with just a few goofy hobo QBs stringing around.

    A newbie like Kilam or Dinwiddie might grab the challenge regardless of the bad QB situation.

    Cuz they know - either Matt "Game Manager" Nichols or Zach Collaros will surface out of Winnipeg and could easily be signed as #1's in Ottawa.

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