Star O-lineman Bryant Remains Humble As Others Marvel At His Accomplishments

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    Star o-lineman Bryant remains humble as others marvel at his accomplishments
    Rock of the quarterback protection unit does remind teammates that he was an all-state tight end in high school
    Scott Cruickshank,

    Teammates insist he’s a dead-ringer for Kimbo Slice. Which makes Stanley Bryant scoff.

    “Don’t think so. That’s a bad comparison.”

    Teammates dare to doubt his offensive explosiveness, untapped at the Canadian Football League level. Which makes Bryant crow.

    “You can look me up. I was all-state (tight end) my senior year at Goldsboro (N.C.) High School. It’ll be in the archives. I’ve been telling these guys that, but they don’t believe it, man.”

    (Believe it — Bryant, with 40 catches, 610 yards, eight majors, was indeed all-state in 2003.)

    But beyond those two (goodnaturedly) touchy subjects, the Calgary Stampeders’ offensive lineman isn’t one to brag. That’s reflected in his Twitter handle — @MyHumble_Self.

    “I see myself as a humble guy — I don’t take anything for granted,” Bryant, six foot five and 282 pounds, is saying after Wednesday morning’s workout at McMahon Stadium. “I’d say I’m a nice guy. I just work hard, man. Always be humble . . . because you never know what can happen.”

    Without boasting, though, Bryant could state facts.

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