Steinberg's MMQB - November 11, 2013

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    Steinberg's MMQB: The chase continues
    Pat Steinberg,

    The first weekend of 101st Grey Cup Playoff action gave us exactly what we would have hoped: Close football and great finishes. With Hamilton advancing to Toronto on Sunday, and Saskatchewan punching their ticket to Calgary for the Western Final, we also had to say goodbye to two more teams.

    In a lot of ways, both Montreal and BC would like to put 2013 behind them, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some good things to reflect on.

    The heir apparent?

    The Montreal Alouettes started their 2013 campaign hoping things would follow a familiar script from years past. With Marc Trestman departed, the Als welcomed a new Head Coach with a similar set of credentials. Like Trestman, Dan Hawkins had no CFL experience, but had an extensive resume south of the border with plenty of successes in the U.S. college game.

    Unfortunately, the results were very much different.

    It took just five games for Hawkins’ tenure to come to an end in Montreal, as GM Jim Popp relieved him of his duties on Aug. 1.

    As we wrote here that week, it was the right call and one that helped the Alouettes salvage their season. They were 2-3 when the firing happened, and no one will ever know how the rest of the season would have played out.

    We here at the MMQB believe it would have been significantly worse than what we ended up seeing.

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