Steinberg's MMQB - November 4, 2013

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    Steinberg's MMQB: Nothing meaningless about Week 19
    Pat Steinberg,

    Even though Week 19 meant absolutely nothing in terms of final standings, it still served a purpose. Teams knew exactly what they were getting set for, and the teams that needed to finish the season strong did just that.

    Now we get to sit back and watch two outstanding Semi-Final matchups, which are now less than a week away.

    A costly loss

    You can’t imagine a Week 19 going much worse for the Calgary Stampeders. Yes, they lost 26-7 at the hands of the BC Lions, which robbed them of finishing a season with 15 wins for the first time in 18 years.

    They also lost in fairly underwhelming fashion to a Lions team that was determined to finish off on the proper note (more on that later). But the result is far less important than some of the other losses Calgary suffered on the field.

    The most important thing in a game like Friday’s in BC is to make sure you stay healthy if your playoff fate is already sealed. Through no fault of their own, the Stampeders failed at doing that and now have some serious question marks heading into two weeks of preparation for the November 17th Western Final at McMahon Stadium.

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