Steinberg's MMQB - September 30, 2013

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    Steinberg's MMQB: Never a dull moment V2.0
    Pat Steinberg,

    Using the headline “never a dull moment” in this league is probably one that could cover most weeks. We used it last week because things looked about as crazy as they’d been all season long.

    One week later, things have turned on a dime and look completely different, specifically with the fortunes of two teams. At this point, I don’t think it would surprise anyone if we might see a few more swerves before the end of this 2013 campaign.

    Four point swing

    The theme of last week’s first blurb looked like it was going to continue on Saturday night, or at the very least stay status quo. The Edmonton Eskimos had a huge lead over the road weary Toronto Argonauts at Commonwealth Stadium, and the then-reeling Montreal Alouettes had a tough home date with the angry Roughriders one day later.

    It sure did seem like things were set up for a pair of four win teams with one playoff spot to fight for in the final stretch of the season. Then the games played out.

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