Steinberg's MMQB - September 4, 2013

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    Steinberg's MMQB: Teams starting to show true colours
    Pat Steinberg,

    Give our loyal commenter ‘als rule’ some credit. This weekly column jumped the gun a little bit by proclaiming last week the halfway mark of the 2013 season. In reality, we’ve only now reached the midway point of the year and we feel safe in proclaiming that. And, despite a pair of teams that face a huge uphill climb to contention ahead of them, there’s still a lot to play for with the six likely playoff teams.

    The frontrunners

    There’s no doubting who the two teams setting the pace are right now, both by their record and on-field performance. The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders truly are the two best teams in this league right now, and other than their records, it’s tough to set the two teams apart.

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