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Discussion in 'CFL League Talk' started by Tundra Mustang, Nov 19, 2016.

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    What has been described as perhaps the coldest playoff game ever staged occurred 46 years ago this coming Tuesday.

    If there was any lingering doubt about the hardiness of CFL players and their legions of fans over the years, the embedded clip on YouTube, and the ones which follow, should dispel any uncertainty.

    Sunday, November 22, 1970, dawned over a snowdrift ridden, windswept Regina as a bitterly cold late Fall day.

    Taylor Field was the site, (as was the practice then), of the third and last of a series of football games between the Stampeders and the Roughriders in a period of 8 days to decide the West's representative in the Grey Cup.

    With the steadily driving gale from the north at 25 mph, the wind-chill factor was a mind-numbing -36F while over 18,000 sturdy souls looked on from the stands onto a field where goal-lines and yardline markers weren't even visible beneath the layers of accumulated snow and ice smothering its surface:

    Tomorrow's game at McMahon will be nothing close to that experience for either the players or the fans, so for any of you who can attend, I hope you'll make a real effort to be out there and support the boys in Red and White! ;)

    Or, if the Lions are your thing, cheer them on if ya really wanna...:p

    Go Stamps Go! :D

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    there was that 1977 west final in Edmonton that was probably a close second. in lui passaglia's eyes anyway.

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