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Discussion in 'Calgary Stampeders Talk' started by Madman, Jul 3, 2018.

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    Seems like a lot of discussion lately around the topic of Bo Levi Mitchell and the fact his contract is up right around the time the CFL CBA is up for renewal as well. Will he re-sign with the Stamps? Will he head to the NFL?

    Eric Francis posted his usual click bait style article last week, (ugh, when is his last day?), and basically led StampsFans to believe the future is "murky" and the reason BLM hasn't re-signed yet is because he is NFL bound.

    Mark Stephen however posted a much more educated and informed video about the subject and hopefully brings some clarity to the situation and reassures us as StampsFans that the sky isn't falling.

    I'm with Mark. When the new CFL CBA is hammered out and the new salary cap is determined, then the Stampeders can pay Bo appropriately based on that.

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    I’ve got nothing to base this on, but my gut says Bo is here to stay. I don’t think he has the desire to be a third string QB in the NFL, and I think he’d way rather stay here and be the best player in the CFL. Salaries are rising and Bo will be paid as the top player as well.
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    I'd tend to agree with that.

    Bo had said a season or two back that he'd like to reach the top of the statistical charts as the best quarterback ever in the CFL, and leave that as his legacy for his time spent in the league.

    He'd need more than just this season to do that. ;)


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