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    ... who is the biggest challenge? Certainly no one from the east, at least not in the regular season. I don't think for a second it is the Lions nor, with their current offense, the Riders. Edmonton have been Jekyll-and-Hyde-ish this year so far, but Mike Riley is always a potential threat. Which leaves Winnipeg - best offense (in terms of total points), but, in west division terms, about the same defense as anyone not named the Stampeders.

    Generally, the Stamps offense looks brilliant, until they have a two or three touchdown lead, then they seem to relax, take their foot off of the oppositions throat, and let them think they have a glimmer of a hope. Or maybe it's just me thinking they have let them up off the mat. So I think it is Winnipeg. They can score a lot of points in a hurry, and we have a tendency to let our opposition up off the mat. Winnipeg's offense hasn't faced the Stamps defense yet, so their point production might be meaningless in a game against the Stamps.

    I don't think we will go undefeated this season, but looking at the games to come, through the lens of the teams as they exist this week, I am having trouble picking out the game(s) where they lose. Injuries to any team can change all of that in a big hurry, mind you.

    Edited to add: So maybe the biggest threat to the Stamps, are the Stamps ...
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