This whole Duron Carter thing ...

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    has crystalized a half-formed thought that has been floating around in my head. One of the things that keeps coming up on the Riderfans forums is Duron and his pot use. When it becomes legal in Canada, how is the league going to deal with it? It is not performance enhancing, and not illegal. Unless they are going to also ban alcohol consumption, they can not preclude it because it is recreational. Players will have to show some common sense when they cross the boarder, but so will every player in every sport, and every traveler that goes through US customs.

    I am a 'getting' old guy (57), and due to an incident in my youth, and a promise I made, I have not used pot since I was 19. I have no objections at all to others use. I find it no worse that alcohol, maybe less so - it is rare for someone to get high and then beat their spouse or kids in a rage. My only concern is the same one as I have for alcohol - people using, then driving.

    But if it is not illegal in Canada, and someone gets nabbed at US customs, do teams then ... exactly how do the teams deal with something that is not illegal in their jurisdiction, but is illegal in the area the majority of their players come from? Except for those area's where it isn't.

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