Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. - FRAUD ARTIST?

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    The next big thing in TO seems to be a fizzling pile of embers. Flatty Guerrero, Jr. is just a shadow of his famous dad, Vlad, Sr. and quickly turning into a family embarrassment.

    Most Toronto baseball media have been told to lay off the kid, he's only 20 or 21 but the stats speak for themselves. Vladdy hadn't had a HR for nearly a month and a half. Is he turning into MLB's version of the Finnish Flask, Winnipeg Jets Patrik Laine?, who only potted 1 goal in the last 2 months of last year's NHL season.

    Listen. Vladdy has some talent. He's batting over .275 in his first go at the big leagues. He's going deep in lots of counts but his power numbers have declined to poverty numbers.

    Several Blue Jay batters, including waiver wire pickups like Brandon Dury have picked up more dingers than Guerrero.

    T-Oscar - the Grouch - a low level MLB outfield has 21+ dingers
    Justin Smoak, the faded star of yesteryear, nearly blind has 22 dingers
    Lourdes Gurriel, a fresh star, now injured has 18
    Rowdy Tellez, a guaranteed out on most nites has 17
    Even Bo Bichette who's played 1/3 of the games of Vladdy might surpass Big Bad Vladdy by the end of the season. Bo has 9, Vladdy stuck on 15.

    Randal Grichuk, the leading Bluejay powerman has 24 HRs. Too bad The Gritch can't hit for average worth crap - only around .205. Jays have half their lineup hitting around .200/.210 but that's another problem beyond Vladdy.

    Pretty sure I've left a couple hobos off the list. I always do.

    Am I saying discard or trade Vladdy? Certainly not. One season a career does not make.

    But he's a liability at 3rd base, his error totals are mounting. A real liability on the bases. Easily the slowest runner besides Rowdy Tellez, unable to keep his team out of routine double plays.

    There are paranoid thoughts in Toronto that Vladdy is baseball's version of The Finnish Flask, Patrik Laine who'd a corrupt defensive liability - and showing decline as an interested 3rd party scoring machine.

    Worst part of Laine & Guerrero, Jr.? Their clutch numbers are atrocious.

    Will either Winnipeg or Toronto trade away these "great assets"?

    Nope. Winnipeg is eternally stubborn keeping deadbeats on their roster. Particularly deadbeats who've flashed promise.

    Same with Toronto. They'll trudge on into 2020 with Guerrero as their 3rd, 4th or 5th batter and try to hide his defensive liabilities by DH'ing him more than ever. He's also an injury risk with his near Wade Miller-like waistline.

    NOPE, not a write-off. Just yet. But I project Guerrero to be a non-clutch .270 to .290 hitter who accumulates most of his numbers from below average pitchers and weaker defensive teams

    Perhaps 85 to 100 RBIs, 20 to 30 dingers (don't do the HR Derby anymore Vladdy, it totally gassed you)

    but poor clutch numbers and will continue to look like a feeble dirt-farmer vs. hi-grade pitching and relieving.

    btw. I think of all the Jays bonus-babies - Mr. Cavan Biggio might be the best clutch player (infield and at the bat) with a lower average .230 to .255 but with better OBP and clutch numbers

    Bo Bichette may never make the Hall of Fame but he's a contributor. He won't hit .350 or .400 but he'll run it around .290 to .315, drive in 75 to 85 runs and knock up 18 to 22 dingers.

    Gurriel will put Guerrero, Jr's power numbers to shame

    If the Jays could obtain a pair of difference-maker pitchers to bolster a feeble, shredded staff right now. THEY SHOULD DO IT. IN A HEARTBEAT.

    Trouble is - most MLB GMs see what I see (without putting it to print). A low IQ ballplayer who's power numbers have been totally over-rated and whose weight and glove will be long-term liabilities. (Good arm though!)
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    Since we last spoke - Vlad Guerrero is still stuck on 15 HRs.

    He's obviously gassed, frantic and trying too hard.

    I'm actually impressed by his glove - how such a big body kid can handle 3rd base with decent proficiency. He'll never be a gold-glover, and his fate will probably be as a MLB role-player or the best DH in AAA ball.

    If you notice (paying attention to the games will do this) the Jays (other than Guerrero) are playing plus .500 balls against league doormats and hobo-infested squads.

    All their notorious .200 hitters (Maille, Biggio, T-Oskar, Grichuk, Rowdyman, etc.) usually become .300 hitter when playing against AA or AAA pitching. Funny thing though, whether batting against AA, AAA or MLB pitching, Vlad Guerrero seems content to carve out a .274/.277 BA based on begging up some walks, but his usual at-bat consists of either grounding into a double-play (GIDP), popping up a towerball to the infield, lazy pops to the outfield, whiffing on 3 strikes he can't handle or being called out on strikes under protest.

    Vladdy should be shut down for the last few meaningless Jays games and play a bit of winter ball to regain his mechanics. They're not very good right now.

    I'd say the only way to salvage Vladdy's career is to trade him - to an organization where he can be more finely schooled in batting fundamentals.

    Cuz a vaunted 20 yr old power hitter who ends up cobbling up walks to get a .275 avg. is not much better than the power-hitter he was supposed to be - a guy who invokes fear in opposition pitchers, hits anywhere from .235 to .250 but smacks 40 to 45 homers a season before his body wears out.

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