Workmanlike Lemon Bringing Leadership And Experience To Stampeders

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    Workmanlike Lemon bringing leadership and experience to Stampeders
    Former Edmonton Eskimo and arena football veteran feels he can make a diffence on Calgary’s defensive line
    Rita Mingo, for the

    It was a hard lesson learned and Shawn Lemon still isn’t sure why it all transpired.

    After enjoying what he thought was a pretty good season with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2012, the defensive lineman found himself on the outside looking in when the Esks let him go, thus presenting him with the opportunity to sign with their southern neighbours, the Calgary Stampeders.

    “It kind of caught me off guard,” admitted Lemon, after Monday’s training camp session at McMahon Stadium. “After leading the team in sacks last year, I really didn’t expect it. As a professional athlete, it opened my eyes up to always expect the unexpected and to always dot your ‘I’s and cross your ‘T’s. Always expect the unexpected and never get too comfortable in a situation.

    “Edmonton was very good to me while I was there, but right now I just want to move forward as a Calgary Stampeder.”

    The 6-foot-1, 249-pounder from Charleston, S.C., signed with Calgary as a free agent in early June.

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